Commercial Pest Control

A commercial building is not a home, and the pest control challenges for commercial buildings are not always the same as those for residences. As professional exterminators, Absolute Pest Solutions knows this well, so we provide a pest control program designed specifically to treat undesirable pests in your place of business. Our program uses the latest products and methods for removal or extermination of undesirable insects or animals. Our technicians are highly trained to pinpoint various hiding spots where insects may infest and reproduce, and then to use the most advanced technology and methods to not only rid your building of them, but also to help prevent their return.

Of course, we offer standard services like termite inspections, as well as other preventative maintenance services to steer bugs and pests clear of your building before they can become a problem. An old saying in the pest control business is that it’s easier to keep ‘em away beforehand than to get rid of them later.

We proudly offer pest control in Richmond and the entire central Virginia area, and to the east down to Virginia Beach. Set up an appointment with one of our pest control specialists today and say goodbye to unwanted pests.