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Black Ants

Ants establish colonies and they send out scouts to find resources (food and water). The scouts leave a scent trail enabling them to return to the colony... [read more]

Pest Control Tip #4: Prune trees so that they are at least 2 feet from touching any part of the home."

Pest control in Richmond VA, as well as the rest of central Virginia and even down to Virginia Beach, is not a seasonal enterprise. At Absolute Pest Solutions, we know that pest control is a year-round endeavor, which is why our crew of exterminators is available 24/7 to take care any pest problems you might have.

Pests large and small, from bed bugs to wildlife, are our specialty. We are experts in the extermination and removal of just about any kind of insect or animal. Birds or squirrels in your chimney? No problem. Ant infestation? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a call and we’ll send one of our professionals to your home or business to solve your pest challenge quickly and efficiently.

Any true extermination or pest control professional will tell you that preventative maintenance goes a long way. To that end, we are glad to offer termite inspection for home owners or commercial property owners from Richmond to Virginia Beach. And if you’re a real estate professional, you’ll be happy to know that we offer pre-closing real estate inspections for very reasonable rates.

At Absolute Pest Solutions, we take pest control seriously. We employ methods of extermination and removal that not only rid homes and businesses of pests but also help prevent them from coming back. We take steps above and beyond our competitors to ensure the highest level of service to you. Absolute Pest Solutions is absolutely dedicated to fast, professional, and reliable pest control in Richmond and central VA down to Tidewater and Virginia Beach.